Tuesday, June 27, 2017

North End Butchers

In the Black Mountain Square on Putney Road, right here in our town of Brattleboro, the clean, well-lighted North End Butchers shop holds many gustatorial delights. Although you can get sandwiches made up on the spot and a smattering of groceries, the main show is the meats counter in the back of the shop, where you may select from a variety of high end meats.

In spite of sadly out of date Facebook page and web site, the butchers are still open and doing business.

They are butchers with a mission statement (from their web page):

To offer free range and humanely raised all natural meats from local farmers that are free of any chemical additives, preservatives, growth hormones or antibiotics.

To offer in-house made charcuterie items such as sausages, pates, terrines, marinades, stocks, soups, and sauces.

To offer a wide range of traditional and ethnic prepared foods and seasonal entrees made in-house using local ingredients.

To educate our customers on product usage.

To cater to fine food connoisseurs who desire to eat healthy, wholesome foods, while also supporting local businesses and agriculture.

While there to sample the wares I selected some fine Tavernier  chocolate, brandied cherries and small exotic peppers.  I passed over the pastas and many other delights and got some Italian tomato paste just for fun. It's the kind in a tube. As the small store front in the photo suggests, this is not a giant market.  For such a small space they have selected a good variety of specialty food that will complement the fine meats and put a little pizzazz on your charcuterie plate or in your menu.

I took home Iberian jambon, duck pate and pastrami from the deli case to satisfy all the different kinds of tastes for charcuterie in my household,  and then I browsed the meats case for future selections. All the classics I could ask for were there. As their mission states, they are very selective in the meats they provide, so if you are looking for the best in terms of sustainably raised and local fare, this is the place you can find it.

I suggest planning ahead if you're are having a large affair and taking time to talk with the staff to determine what they can offer. The are small enough to offer personalized services to fit your needs.

LorreBob sez: check it out!

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